Terms of Engagement

Fullbrook Associates Ltd will seek to negotiate a refund of monies in relation to issues you have suffered following the purchase of a timeshare upon your compliance with our terms of engagement.

I should say that we are not, in any way, affiliated with any third party companies or any Timeshare company which sells timeshare products. We do not resell or exchange timeshare property.

It is very important that you carefully read through and familiarise yourself with the enclosed Terms of Engagement. If you do not understand any part of it, you must ask me to clarify it for you. If you would like the Terms of Engagement in another format, please ask me and I shall endeavour to comply.

Unless and until you withdraw your instructions from our company to act for you in relation to the above matter, the enclosed Terms of Engagement represent a contract between you and our company, and our company shall be entitled to rely on the terms of that contact should a dispute arise between you and our company at some future time. If any of the Terms of Engagement are unacceptable to you then you must let me know immediately. Should you continue to give instructions to our company then we shall be entitled to assume and, indeed, shall be entitled to rely on, your having accepted, in their entirety, the enclosed Terms of Engagement as forming the basis of a contract between you and our company.


We require your authorisation to act for you and transact on your claim payment, if so instructed.  Written authorisation (known as a mandate) is requested by your creditor or bank to discuss matters with Fullbrook Associates and to provide us with relevant documentation.

Further, you must authorise that we will act solely on your behalf and that you will neither liaise directly with your creditor or bank nor will you instruct another agent to deal with your financial claim.  If you receive any communication or offers, to include verbal and written, from your creditor or any other party seeking to be instructed by you in this negotiation you MUST provide that to us immediately so that we may put our knowledge to that and deal efficiently and comprehensively with your case.

Any payment due to be made to you as a result of the work undertaken by us, will be paid directly to you.  We will then send you an invoice for our success fee.  This invoice is to be paid within 7 days of receipt.


We work on a speculative (“No Win, No Fee”) basis. Once the matter is concluded we will render our success fee.

We enclose herewith our Pre-Disclosure Information sheet as required by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Please familiarise yourself with the same.

We now require you to sign the mandates and the Terms of Engagement.  These will be issued electronically via Eversign, a digital signature service. Please follow the instructions on how to provide your digital signature. You may have to check your other inboxes i.e. spam.  We will only be able to begin working on your case once we have received the same duly signed and dated and so we would be obliged if you could return them to us at your earliest convenience.

Throughout our dealings, please feel free to ask for an explanation of any matters which you do not understand. If you have any questions relating directly to this paperwork, please contact our Customer Services Department on the number below and they will be happy to assist.

If you have been unfairly sold something or if an agreement that you have signed is unfairly drafted - we can help