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About Legal Services 

Legal Services

Our in-house legal team is on hand to give you a range of legal advice covering contractual and compliance issues; together with consumer facing legal services for the general public.

Consumer Credit Claims 

Fullbrook Associates have experience in the enforcement and negation of consumer agreements. Our team have the expertise and legal knowledge this complicated piece of law and requires.

Timeshare Termination

Our experts can not only extricate unhappy clients from their timeshare contracts but can successfully pursue compensation claims surrounding mis-selling and consumer credit breaches.

Specialist Legal Services

Fullbrook Associates can advise you on a wide range of matters surrounding timeshare contract terminations and compensation claims.

No matter what your issue is, we have a bank of specialists who are able to advise you on the best course of action. Terminating a timeshare contract is far from easy, but with expert help, a satisfactory outcome can be achieved.


Fullbrook Associates - Specialised Services Delivered by Experts

Our team are experts in the field of timeshare contract terminations and compensation claims and can provide advice on credit agreements and consumer law. If you have been unfairly sold something or if an agreement that you have signed is unfairly drafted - Call 01786 451903 or email clients@fullbrookassociates.com

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