Timeshare Terminations

Timeshare Terminations

Timeshare Termination Specialists

There are many tens of thousands of UK residents who own timeshare. While, undoubtedly, some owners have received value for money many others have been on the receiving end of years of unhappiness, as a result of their timeshare ownership.

From point of sale, very often a high pressure sales presentation overseas, to yearly visits to a resort that continually tries to up-sell its existing owners, to the present day reality of ever increasing maintenance bills going to resorts whose standards seem to be constantly slipping. Timeshare for many owners is a pain rather than pleasure.

Leaving is rarely easy

Timeshare resorts will often stress that owners are free to leave their timeshare at will; unfortunately for most resorts, nothing could be further from the truth.

Terminating a timeshare contract is a far from easy, for one main reason – timeshare companies have designed their contracts and termination process to be as difficult as possible. And they do this for a very good reason, for many of these companies the bulk of their income is from timeshare maintenance.

A job for a specialist

Leaving timeshare is a process, often taking many months, which normally requires specialist legal help – most high street lawyers will not have sufficient experience of timeshare law, nor have necessary knowledge of the methods of timeshare companies, to be able to extricate an owner from a deliberately opaque contract.

Termination and compensation

Fullbrook Associates has such specialism. We can not only extricate unhappy clients from their timeshare contracts but can successfully pursue compensation claims.

If you are unhappy with your ownership of timeshare or simply wish to discuss your options contact us today for a no obligation consultation.


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Fullbrook Associates are experts in the field of timeshare contract terminations and compensation claims. We assess the merits of your case to establish whether we believe you have a reasonable prospect of success. If you wish to pursue a claim, our legal team, who specialise in timeshare compensation, can progress your case.

Please be aware. You are under no obligation to complete a claim using our services. You can do the claim directly yourself to your creditor for no charge.  If you have approached your creditor first, you can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service for free if you wish for them to review your case.