Process Mapping

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Why your business might need process mapping?

Our business process mapping gives a clear picture of all of the steps involved in every job that needs to be done in a business. We create a visual display so business owners can clearly see each step, and all the tasks involved and decisions that need to be made from the start of the job to the finish as efficiently as possible.

Process mapping can help you:

• Ensure that your business complies with regulations, standards or best practices

• Get a clearer overview of all the jobs required to run your business and the staff that need to be involved

• Highlight areas that need improvement and eliminate bottlenecks

• Train new staff more quickly

• Prepare to get your business ready for ISO 9001 certification or similar

• Audit your business more quickly and efficiently

• To communicate with your staff, board members and shareholders more efficiently

A complete review of your business

Fullbrook Associates take the time to get to know you and your business. Our audit gives you a complete review of your business, its systems and its processes. The audit is bespoke and is carried out personally by one or more members of our professional and experienced team by means of site visits and investigations. Unlike some performance audits, ours is not a distant and hands-off mechanical process:

• We take an overview of your business and then start by identifying all the processes involved in your business that need to be mapped.

• We look at the processes that make the most impact on your business and look to map those out first.

• Each process will be carefully thought through, with the start and end points clearly marked and each task documented clearly. We will document any decision points in the process, where a 'yes' or 'no' response is needed, with the answers taking the process forward in two separate directions.

• We look at every member of staff involved, who needs to make decisions, when the process takes place and why it takes place.

• Our team will also speak to your members of staff and gain information from them, looking at how your workers take the process through to finish the job. We want to make sure that we have a full and accurate understanding of every aspect of every process.

A clear pathway to success

At the end of the process, we’ll make sure that we have a clean and clear flowchart showing every step of each process in your business and clearly indicating what needs to happen, as well as every decision along the way to ensure that job is completed.

We’ll give you a clear picture of how your business works, and you’ll probably find that there are some surprises along the way. Some staff may do things a different way than you thought, and you should uncover many areas where time and cost savings can be made.

You’ll finish up in a much better position where you can then begin the task of looking at how to tighten up procedures, save time and increase efficiency.


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