Mis-sold Holiday Products

Not every holiday is a happy one

Mis-sold holidays

Consulting with companies working across the range of leisure industry has frequently led to Fullbrook Associates dealing with issues arising from holiday mis-selling.
Thankfully those who have been mis-sold have a variety of protection offered by legislation – if of course, they know how and where to look.

Package Holidays

These are covered under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. To have a claim there are criteria to be met, criteria that say that your holiday was indeed sold as a package and that your holiday didn’t provide what was agreed when you booked, made a contract, with the travel company.
There is much room for manoeuvre by the travel company and they will often fight to claim that the information provided was accurate and the holiday you booked was the one you received.
We have a wide range of expertise and experience when dealing with package holiday claims and, if you have a justified claim, we are confident that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

Do you have a claim?

Your package holiday must have been sold at an all inclusive price and be a pre-arranged combination of at least 2 of the following:
• Transport to the holiday
• Accommodation
• Additional service that could be deemed as tourist services and which comprised a significant part of the package

Then some of the following criteria should be met

• Were you given information about your holiday destination, hotel or resort that was inaccurate/misleading?
• Were you given the incorrect rating of your hotel?
• Did your holiday brochure contain misleading information about your holiday accommodation, location, meals included in the package, general information of passport/visa requirements, price or travel arrangements?
• Were the terms of your holiday contract not provided to you in writing or in good time before the date of departure?
• If there were changes to your holiday contract, were you provided with alternative arrangements at an extra cost and not given the option to withdraw from the contract without payment of a fee?
• Were a significant number of the services not provided under the contract?
• Did you tour operator misinform you of the amenities and the surroundings of your hotel and resort?
• Did the tour operator fail to give you all the information and would it have resulted in you not booking your holiday had you been aware of these before your booking?
• Had you been informed of the changes to your holiday booking near to your departure date?
• Were you not provided with all the correct booking documentation?
• Did you suffer from any form of ill-health/injury because the swimming pool was unclean, the food was undercooked/stale/left out or the accommodation had a number of health and safety concerns?

If you are able to answer 'yes' to any of the above holiday complaint questions, then you should speak to us and we will help you to generate a complaint to your travel operator.


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