Marketing Strategy

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Who needs a marketing consultant?

For small businesses operating in crowded markets with a limited budget to spend on marketing activities, it is essential to have a well-conceived, up-to-date marketing strategy and implementation plan. A plan that maximises the use of both existing and new marketing channels, has clear objectives and which is measurable against defined objectives.

With the help of an expert marketing consultant who has business  expertise and sector knowledge, this can be achieved through site visits, market investigations and a targeted consultancy piece that will set the business on a course of continued improvement and growth.

What will the marketing consultant do?

In order to create a marketing strategy and implementation plan for a small/ medium business, the consultant will ascertain how best to promote and advertise the company's products or service offer in a way that brings measurable results and is cost-effective to deliver. The consultant will bring in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and techniques that will bring the best results for their client, blending a mix of digital and print marketing, online and offline advertising, press activity and social engagement, plus face-to-face networking, sales opportunities and other channels for marketing, sales, advertising, communications and engagement.

Market analysis and research

The consultant will carry out market analysis to truly define the scope of the market, the niche that the company operates, the competitors in the space and the customer profiles or personas. This information will be used to guide the company's brand development and presence-building strategy.

The consultant might also carry out primary research alongside this secondary research process described above. This could involve conducting focus groups, surveys online or personal interviews to learn more about prospective customers, their needs, wants and desires.

The marketing plan

Using this insight, the consultant will craft a marketing plan with clear deliverable measurement mechanisms and marketing channels in which to deliver activities. These could include website or app development, online advertising and SEO, print collateral development, events and networking, PR and social media development, e-mail marketing and so forth. The aim is to build up an engaged audience of prospects and to provide leads for the sales team to then convert.

The benefits of a consultant

An external business consultant will bring experience, professional know-how and best practice techniques to a client business - as well as a fresh perspective and objective view. He or she will challenge established thinking and know-how to craft a strategy and delivery plan that makes sense in terms of delivering against objectives and sticking to the business's delivery budget.

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