Compliance Frameworks

Compliance - always there

What is compliance?

On a very basic level compliance is following a set of rules, which lead a business to perform its operation in a correct and proper manner. As experienced providers of compliance frameworks, we can say with some authority that compliance doesn’t just happen it requires forward planning and organisational discipline to implement. We have outlined four key areas that most organisations should consider when creating a compliance framework. They are Data Security, Workplace Safety, Finances and Human Resources.

Data Security

Data security is a wide-reaching area in most modern organisations. An organisation must be law secure the details of its clients and staff members. Some industries have far higher legal frameworks than other but from basic level – security safeguards should be in place protecting all data.
All company data and networking infrastructure must be capable of standing up to a rigorous compliance audit – at any given time. Fullbrook provides a framework to support this capability.
Data should be stored, transferred and disposed of in such a way that there can be no unauthorised access.

Workplace Safety

The workplace is governed by the national public health agency – HSE, the Health and Safety Executive. This organisation is tasked with protecting workers from potential health and safety issues at work – it is a task that HSE takes seriously.
There are several workplace safety compliance issues that Fullbrook can help with, including risk assessment protocols, employee training and operation guidelines for a variety of situations.

Company Finances

When it comes to compliance company finances are a major cause for concern. Tax, workers pay, correct book-keeping, properly conducted audits, as well as everyday matters such as the collection of money and transfer of money can all see a perfectly well-intentioned organisation run into legal problems.
Working in close partnership with an organisations financial officers and accountants Fullbrook Associates have systems that always keep you the right side of the regulators.

Human Resources

An organisations staff are its lifeblood they are also one of the areas that cause the most problems in regards to compliance and legal issues. Even the slightest mishandling of a staffing issue can land an organisation in deep water and can even result in criminal proceedings.
For many smaller and medium sized companies, professional compliance surrounding employment law is often overlooked; until a problem occurs, and by then the damage is done.

A final note

For many organisations employing compliance professionals is both unnecessary and counterproductive – we have had dealings with firms who have been subject to over-rigorous in-house compliance. Fullbrook Associates can create a highly workable framework for the clear majority of small to medium sized companies. Leaving you with a safe, self-perpetuating compliance regime and keeping your business safe censure by outside authorities.


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