Change Management

Making change as painless as possible

Change management

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of companies who wish to expand, restructure and generally make changes to the everyday running of their business operations. That can sometimes mean entire businesses or ,more often, individual departments. Here at Fullbrook Associates we manage and oversee change management and we can offer years of experience in this area.

By employing us to oversee change management, we will help your business carefully plan and smoothly implement change that will have lasting, positive effects. We will help you focus on the four main areas of change management, as detailed below.


People don’t like change

Change can be unsettling, confusing and generally cause unrest among employees. However, we will help you ensure that your employees are considered and involved in all stages of the change. Our key is to check that the people affected by change agree with, or at the very least understand the need for change. It’s also incredibly important to tell them why the company is making a change, and to allow them to be involved in its planning and implementation.


Change needs to be achievable and measurable

We will consult with you to ensure that the change you plan to implement is appropriate for both your business and for employees. Before you start making any changes, we will ask you about what you want to achieve with the change, why and how you know the change has been achieved and who is affected by it. By knowing the answers to these questions, we can help you with your change strategy.

Communication is key

Imagine you’ve had the same morning routine for the past five years, when suddenly your husband or wife says that you need to start getting up an hour earlier without any explanation as to why. Realistically, you’d be pretty annoyed and question your partner on this decision. The same goes for employees when a company makes a change. We’ll ensure that your company increases consultative communications to involve and inform people as early as possible, and use face-to-face communications to handle sensitive aspects of the organisational change.

Increase management’s role and responsibility

We will work closely not only with top executives, but with management to ensure that they work closely with employees. Employees do not have responsibility to manage change; their job is to do their best. Managers are responsible for facilitating and enabling change, and we will help them understand the situation from an objective standpoint, and to also help explain the change to their employees.

Change management can be tricky even for the best companies that highly value their employees. That’s where we can help. We will offer objective advice and help your company transition to a new, exciting phase as smoothly as possible.


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